Corporate 9 Habits

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The MCC_9 Habits test can evaluate 9 types of habits, honesty, positivity, conscientiousness, gregarious, anger, entrepreneurialism, stress tolerance, leadership, and decisiveness. Each habit has their own tests. The participants can choose 2 languages, Thai and English.


The report is numerical scores, for easy analysis.


You can choose the evaluation that coincides with the position needed. The report is easy to analyze, as it is separate into scores for each group of evaluation. It also has a Scores Detector, to avoid individuals who are not truthful and lie in the test to get better results.

Corporate 9 Habits

1. Honesty Focus

Measuring their honesty​

2. Positive Focus

Measuring their positivity/optimism

3. Conscientiousness Focus

Measuring their trustworthiness or responsibility

4. Gregarious Focus

Measuring their interaction with others in society

5. Anger Focus

Measuring their anger level and anger management

6. Entrepreneurialism Focus

Measuring their risk management skills

7. Stress Tolerance Focus

 Measuring their stress and pressure tolerance                                                                                                             

8. Leadership Focus

Measuring their leadership skills

9. Decisiveness /Decision Focus

Measuring their decisiveness and problem solving

MCCT_9 Habits is a specific evaluation test, which is used for evaluating in depth skills and characteristics; separated into 9 traits that are required for employees. (one test for each trait) The report will have numerical scores for ease of analysis.

This test is suitable for auditing or evaluating habits that are required for any position having the high risk of personality changes, which can occur in both situational or chronically.


  • Separate Candidates to be 9 groups of Habitual Types

  • 32 dimensions separate traits

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We help companies understand their people, then drive behaviors to build a better relationship, ambition, competitive mindset.

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