Employee Skills Testing (EST) commonly known as IQ Testing. It includes

7 different types of tests designed to check each person are:

1. Acuteness

This is the test is used to find out whether the test taker is likely to make mistakes in a task which can become boring, and also demand. It is a type of attitude which requires performing many types of work where attention to detail is essential. Example: Administrative and computer related tasks.


2. Spatial Recognition

To be able to perceive the various components of a problem in new ways is an intellectual process which is useful in electronic engineering and other high-tech computer and electronic sciences. May indicate an artistic design potential, but may also indicate an engineering or technological aptitude

3. Physical Analysis

To apprehend what is happening in a physical situation and make judgments about what to do is useful in areas of work connected with engineering, but also in many situations where real decisions have to be made, often outdoors or in a situation of possible danger.

4. Verbal Penetration

The test is useful in areas of work where words are used in analysis and in precision off communication. Literary careers would demand this attitude, as would legal work, administration, and areas connected with communications.

55. Numerical Deduction

Discover the logic in a series of pieces of connected information is essential in many areas of work. These are often the mathematical sciences where quantification and precise technical information exchange are required. This test is found in statistically based commercial activities as well as most highly technical and research-based ones.

6. Observation

This test demands that details, together with their relevance to the whole picture, are perceived clearly. It is a necessary aptitude in man sciences and in many areas where information is researched and essential details need to be abstracted.

7. Critical Dissection

The ability to succeed in many areas of work which require a sensible approach to problem-solving in which you do not allow yourself to be distracted by irrelevant information, and where you do not allow yourself to be influenced by emotions. These may be situations which involve people and their problems, as well as technical specialty areas.


M.I.S.S.CONSULT focus on the People Development program. 

We provide tools base on Scientific to measurement and assessment of each individual or as a team performance.

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We help companies understand their people, then drive behaviors to build a better relationship, ambition, competitive mindset.

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We have a variety of tools in the world that carefully selected for our clients. We selected only the best that would help fix and expand our client's human capital as a good asset. Our services are Psychometric Test tools, Training courses, Coaching, Neuroscience, Assessment Center, DISC/Everything DiSC Certification course.

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We help companies understand their people, then drive behaviors to build a better relationship, ambition, competitive mindset.

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