Why it's popular

It can only evaluate Sales position. It can tell the person is suitable for Sales positions or not, and if they are suitable; it can predict how much they are able to achieve in their jobs.


The test itself only has 54 multiple choice questions and with the time limit of 25 minutes. It has a validity of 30% and reliability of 80%.


Sales performance is specifically designed for the sales position. Empathize on attitudes, skills, abilities, and personalities that a salesman required.  The test evaluates the following 9 traits:

Sales Traits

1. Flexbility Focus

2. Positive Thinking Focus

Positive and optimistic attitude

3. Ambition Focus

The determination or desire to do or achieve something

4. Fast Learner Focus

The ability to learn new things and apply them quickly

5. Stress & Competitive Focus

Handling pressure and competitiveness

6. Enthurism Focus

Strong feeling or eagerness to achieve their interests

7.  Problem Solving Focus

 Measuring their stress and pressure tolerance                                                                                                             

8. Energy Focus

The ability to find solutions to difficult or complex problems

9. Communication Focus

The effectiveness of exchanging information or messages

The Sales Performance report is a specific evaluation test, as the result shows their behavior in answering the question, for evaluation and analysis purposes. It also shows adequacy in Sales position into scores, with an explanation of attitude for each level and can be predicted attitude that is essential for Sales into scores in order to find strength and weakness.


The data can be use as a supportive tool for sales selection process; as it saves interview cycle time and reduces risks and development; improve or fix their weakness.

Psychometric Property

The ability to adapt and willingness to change or compromise